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Improving video ad relevance with a search marketing mindset

In this blog I will go into a recurring conversation I have about the (ir)relevancy of online video ads. I believe this irrelevancy is the result of a lingering mindset from traditional TV advertisers who now buy online video ads; … Lees verder

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Money system discussed in Dutch House of Representatives

Citizen initiative ‘Ons Geld’ (Our Money) succeeds in getting this key topic on the political agenda. See the money system ‘round table’ discussion in the Dutch House of Representatives in the video here:

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When can Bitcoin compete with traditional (fiat)currencies?

While reading the MoneyLab Reader, I stumbled upon an article by Beat Weber, going into the contexts where Bitcoin or other complementary currencies are actually attractive in the presence of traditional (fiat)currencies: Complementary currencies can work if they are able … Lees verder

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Death by Powerpoint

…and how to avoid it:

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Leap Motion Controller Review – My #FirstLeap

I pre-ordered my Leap Motion controller some months ago, and I got the device by mail two weeks ago, taking my #firstLeap. This is a short story of first impressions so far. The Leap Motion controller is a Natural User … Lees verder

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Bitcoin Risk Factors according to Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has received a registration for a Bitcoin Fund. In case you wonder what the risks are of investing in Bitcoin, here is the quite extensive list as noted in the fund prospectus: Risk … Lees verder

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Minister Dijsselbloem beantwoordt Kamervragen Bitcoin

In zijn antwoorden stelt de minister dat de ‘alternatieve virtuele munteenheid’ Bitcoin wat hem betreft niet erkend kan worden als ‘elektronisch geld’, omdat de valuta niet voldoet aan de eisen die Nederlandse wet daaraan stelt. Toch moeten Nederlanders die hun … Lees verder

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Bitcoin Client Downloads Per State

Today I was kind of triggered by the news that Bitcoin was featured on Chinese television, and that Chinese downloads of Bitcoin clients spiked: Bitcoin featured on Chinese TV (…), client downloads boom:… — Mark A. Jansen (@MarkAJansen) May … Lees verder

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Bitcoin bij #DWDD 5 april 2013

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Bitcoin Explained | Video

This is a good introductory video to Bitcoin which has both great form and content:

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